Spanish Seafood Cuttlefish Rice

Spanish Seafood Cuttlefish Rice

by Gaixia Technology

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Don't doubt your eyes, the black in front of you is really black! This is the Spanish seafood cuttlefish rice that many people flock to. The dark essence is the cuttlefish juice, which is a hundred times more delicious than paella. "


Spanish Seafood Cuttlefish Rice

1. Seasoning for paella: Start the fire, pour a piece of butter, wait until the butter melts, add the sliced onion and stir fry; then add the minced garlic and stir evenly, and finally add the tomato cubes and stir fry together~

Spanish Seafood Cuttlefish Rice recipe

2. Stir-fried rice: When the tomato juice comes out, sprinkle with chopped dried parsley, add the Italian rice, and stir fry the chili powder.

Spanish Seafood Cuttlefish Rice recipe

3. Add broth: Heat and hydrate the thick soup into a broth, pour it into the rice, wait until the broth is dry, then pour the broth, repeat three times. The deliciousness of the broth is the essence of this meal~

Spanish Seafood Cuttlefish Rice recipe

4. Add seafood: add cuttlefish juice to the rice, stir-fry until the rice is evenly blackened, pour in the cleaned shrimp and mussels, sprinkle with lemon juice, simmer for 5 minutes on low heat ~ the paella is complete~

Spanish Seafood Cuttlefish Rice recipe

5. Out of the pot: the fragrant "dark cuisine" Spanish seafood cuttlefish rice, the rice in the entrance is chewy, coupled with the fresh taste of seafood, both spicy and sweet, one bite down, let the taste buds get a big satisfaction!

Spanish Seafood Cuttlefish Rice recipe


Material selection Tips: Italian rice is used here. The main difference between it and domestic rice is the starch content. If you want to taste the most authentic Spanish cuttlefish rice, the medium grain rice from Spain is the best. The more famous varieties are Senia from Valencia, Bahia and Montsianell from Catalonia. From Bomba et al. of Calasparra.


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