Spare Ribs Mushroom Soup

Spare Ribs Mushroom Soup

by Huo Jinluo

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Eat well by yourself.


Spare Ribs Mushroom Soup

1. If it is a dried mushroom, soak and wash it overnight. If it is fresh, copy it with hot water after washing to remove oxalic acid.

Spare Ribs Mushroom Soup recipe

2. Add water to the pot and boil, put in the washed ribs, pour in some salt and cooking wine

Spare Ribs Mushroom Soup recipe

3. Bring a casserole to a boil with water, add the copied pork ribs, star anise, cinnamon and ginger slices

Spare Ribs Mushroom Soup recipe

4. Add the washed and copied mushrooms and simmer together for about an hour, add goji berries, a suitable amount of salt and simmer for a while, and it will be out of the pot!

Spare Ribs Mushroom Soup recipe


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