Spiced Sweet Foam

Spiced Sweet Foam

by Silver ingot

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Tianmo is a characteristic traditional specialty of my hometown of Jinan. It is a popular porridge delicacy and one of the two strangers in Quancheng. Tianmo is a salty porridge mainly cooked with millet noodles. It is also commonly known by Jinan people as "spicy sweetmo" . There are dried tofu or tofu skin in the traditional sweet foam. Today I replaced dried tofu with dried eggs. The softness of dried eggs overturns the traditional taste of sweet foam. It is smooth and soft, and the taste and texture are amazing.


Spiced Sweet Foam

1. Prepare the ingredients, soak soybeans and peanuts for more than 4 hours in advance, mince green onion, ginger, and vermicelli 20 minutes in advance, soak softly in hot water, cut small sections, remove the roots of the noodles and wash them.

Spiced Sweet Foam recipe

2. Boil the soybeans and peanuts in cold water

Spiced Sweet Foam recipe

3. Dried eggs, cut into thin strips

Spiced Sweet Foam recipe

4. Heat oil in a pot, add green onion and ginger until fragrant, add pepper powder and mix well, put out the cooking pot ingredients, pour the cooking pot ingredients and it's ready

Spiced Sweet Foam recipe

5. Pour water into the pot, add cooked peanuts, soybeans, and add vermicelli

Spiced Sweet Foam recipe

6. Put in the dried eggs

Spiced Sweet Foam recipe

7. The noodles in tea soup are diluted with a proper amount of water to become rice milk, the water outside the formula

Spiced Sweet Foam recipe

8. Boil the water, slowly pour the rice milk into the pot, stirring evenly

Spiced Sweet Foam recipe

9. Put the ingredients in the pouring pot and stir evenly

Spiced Sweet Foam recipe

10. Put in the noodle dish

Spiced Sweet Foam recipe

11. Add the right amount of salt and turn off the heat, the sweet foam is ready

Spiced Sweet Foam recipe


1. If there is no dried egg, use dried tofu and tofu skin instead. It is strongly recommended to use dried egg, which tastes very good.
2. Tea soup noodles are fried millet noodles, ready to cook immediately after boiling, or cornmeal or ordinary millet noodles.
3. Put vegetables according to personal preference, spinach, rape, etc.


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