Spicy Cabbage Fried Rice

Spicy Cabbage Fried Rice

by Lulu.

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Spicy cabbage fried rice is a kind of Korean cuisine because it is simple and delicious without losing nutrition. Friends who are tired of eating egg fried rice can come and try it~


Spicy Cabbage Fried Rice

1. Rice can be added according to personal food. (When making, the amount of spicy cabbage depends on personal taste. The amount of spicy cabbage is about the same as the amount of rice, basically 1:1)

Spicy Cabbage Fried Rice recipe

2. Cut the sausage into small pieces and set aside

Spicy Cabbage Fried Rice recipe

3. The spicy cabbage I use is sweet and sour (purchased in Le), cut into small pieces for later use

Spicy Cabbage Fried Rice recipe

4. Add a little oil and stir fry the sausage

Spicy Cabbage Fried Rice recipe

5. Add the spicy cabbage after the sausage aroma comes out and stir fry

Spicy Cabbage Fried Rice recipe

6. Add rice, (spicy cabbage has enough flavor, no need to add salt, you can add a little salt if you like to eat salty)

Spicy Cabbage Fried Rice recipe

7. Spread a half-boiled egg at the end

Spicy Cabbage Fried Rice recipe

8. Mix the egg and rice together when you eat, it's very fragrant

Spicy Cabbage Fried Rice recipe


The spicy cabbage I bought is sweet and sour. If you like to eat salty and spicy, please buy spicy cabbage.


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