Spicy Chicken

Spicy Chicken

by Claireyan

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Still the same, as an international student dog, if you miss the taste of hometown, you really have to do it yourself (under the guidance of the chef of course)


Spicy Chicken

1. First, wash the chicken thighs, cut the meat into tiny-finger-sized chicken cubes, add cooking wine and salt to marinate, and then prepare auxiliary materials.

Spicy Chicken recipe

2. Cut the dried chili into knuckle-long chili segments, and then cut the ginger and garlic into chicken pieces. At the same time, you can put the pepper, bay leaves, and star anise in this accessory bowl. Because you need to sauté in the frying pan together.

Spicy Chicken recipe

3. Stir the diced chicken dry, remove the moisture from the diced chicken, and stir the diced chicken into a fragrant flavor.

Spicy Chicken recipe

4. This is the photo after the dry stir-fry. Keep the dry stir-fried chicken fat for a while to fry the spicy chicken (the chicken fat is particularly fragrant), and discard the bottom residue when it is dry-fried.

Spicy Chicken recipe

5. Burn the oil in the pot (the chicken oil is not enough and add some raw oil). Don't be stingy with oil. Sichuan cuisine is like this. Then burn the oil until it reaches eight maturity, pour the ingredients in the accessory bowl just now, and sauté. Note: pay attention to adjust the heat, don't fry the chili segments! It means that the color don't let it turn black. Otherwise, you have to start all over again, the chili section of spicy chicken is very important.

Spicy Chicken recipe

6. When the ingredients are fragrant, pour in the diced chicken, stir fry together, and then add salt, chicken essence, MSG and sugar at a time (add chicken essence and MSG according to personal taste, my taste is heavy, I usually put a little more of these two). Finally, when the pan is about to rise, add the white sesame seeds and stir-fry twice. Finished!

Spicy Chicken recipe


Chicken nuggets can be heated in the microwave to remove moisture. This can save time in the frying pan~ Remember, don't let the dried chili segments get muddy!


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