Spicy Chicken Gizzards

Spicy Chicken Gizzards

by Min Ruyi

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Like to eat chicken gizzards, like the crispy taste. And it's made into a spicy flavor, let's have more rice! You can eat more with steamed buns and rice!


Spicy Chicken Gizzards

1. Prepare a portion of chicken gizzards and wash them for later use.

Spicy Chicken Gizzards recipe

2. Then slice into thin slices for later use.

Spicy Chicken Gizzards recipe

3. Boil a pot under cold water to remove blood and foam.

Spicy Chicken Gizzards recipe

4. After blanching it, remove it and let it cool.

Spicy Chicken Gizzards recipe

5. Scallion ginger minced garlic, sauté in a pot until fragrant.

Spicy Chicken Gizzards recipe

6. Add blanched chicken gizzards, add soy sauce and cooking wine and continue to fry.

Spicy Chicken Gizzards recipe

7. Then add the sliced hang pepper diced. Continue to fry

Spicy Chicken Gizzards recipe

8. Finally put all the peppers in

Spicy Chicken Gizzards recipe

9. Add a little salt and sugar, stir fry evenly, turn off the heat.

Spicy Chicken Gizzards recipe


Chicken gizzards must be cleaned, cut into thin slices, blanched, and cooked. \n


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