Really (gizzard) Sincerely

Really (gizzard) Sincerely

by Eat up

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I really like the name of this dish. It is true and sincere. It is hard to imagine using chicken gizzards and chicken hearts to make this cold dish full of ice.


Really (gizzard) Sincerely

1. Wash the chicken heart and chicken gizzards and put them in cold water

Really (gizzard) Sincerely recipe

2. Add the green onion, ginger, garlic and spring onion.

Really (gizzard) Sincerely recipe

3. Then continue to add pepper, star anise, bay leaf, cinnamon, dried chili, and rock sugar.

Really (gizzard) Sincerely recipe

4. Pour another spoonful of bean paste.

Really (gizzard) Sincerely recipe

5. After the high heat is boiled, turn to a low heat cover and cook the chicken gizzards and chicken heart sauce.

Really (gizzard) Sincerely recipe

6. Prepare the concentrated soup cubes, and finally remove the film (if you have time, it is best to boil the fish soup yourself, it will become fish jelly when it is cold.)

Really (gizzard) Sincerely recipe

7. Add appropriate amount of water to the concentrated soup cube, put it in the microwave, and heat it to melt the soup cube completely.

Really (gizzard) Sincerely recipe

8. Put the melted soup in the ice tray. Put the cut chicken hearts and gizzards in the ice tray.

Really (gizzard) Sincerely recipe

9. Put it in the refrigerator and freeze it into cubes (If it is homemade fish jelly, just put it in the refrigerator to make it into cubes and taste better.)

Really (gizzard) Sincerely recipe


If you have time, it’s best to make this by making your own dashi jelly. It won’t feel too iced. It’s better and more convenient to freeze the fish jelly into chunks; there must be some leftovers in the sauced chicken heart and chicken gizzards, just slice them directly


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