Spicy Cucumber

Spicy Cucumber

by Melbourne Food

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There are many ways to shoot cucumbers. The little chef introduced to you today is a spicy cucumber, which is spicy and delicious and very enjoyable. "


Spicy Cucumber

1. Use a knife to smash the cucumber and cut into small pieces

Spicy Cucumber recipe

2. Chop the raw garlic and set aside

Spicy Cucumber recipe

3. Chop the little chili and set aside

Spicy Cucumber recipe

4. Chopped coriander and set aside

Spicy Cucumber recipe

5. Put the smashed cucumber, minced garlic, chopped chilli and coriander into a large bowl, add a little salt

Spicy Cucumber recipe

6. Put black vinegar

Spicy Cucumber recipe

7. Some sesame oil

Spicy Cucumber recipe

8. Mix well

Spicy Cucumber recipe

9. Out of the market ~ super enjoyable, with a dozen cold beer, cool!

Spicy Cucumber recipe


Cucumbers must be smashed and then cut, the smashed cucumbers are fragrant and fragrant.

This dish is delicious and spicy, but different friends can increase or reduce the amount of chili according to their own taste.


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