Cardamom recipes

Sour Plum Soup

Ume, Roselle, Licorice

Marinated Lotus Root Slices

Lotus Root, Pork Belly, Ginger

Pakistani Chicken Curry

Chicken, Onion, Tomato

Braised Pork

Pork Belly, Rape, Shaoxing Wine

Lamb Curry

Lamb, Onion, Tomato

Sour Plum Soup

Ume, Roselle, Licorice

Beef Stew with Potatoes

Beef, Vegetable Oil, Potato

Braised Beef Noodles

Beef Brisket, Pepper, Fennel

Homemade Sauced Beef

Beef Shank, Crystal Sugar, Cooking Wine

South Indian Style Chicken Curry

Chicken Breast, Mango, Onion

Pork Bone Mushroom Soup Pot

Ribs, Cuttlefish Ball, Lamb Slice

Tomato Oxtail Soup

Oxtail, Tomato, Tsaoko

Palace Sour Plum Soup

Hawthorn, Ume, Black Date

Braised Pork and Potatoes

Pork Belly, Potato, Oil

Bitter Melon Pork

Pork Belly, Bitter Gourd, Salt