Spicy Fried Clams

Spicy Fried Clams

by Alice Beard Potato Chips

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My friend sent the pepper from a distance, and the aroma was tangy the moment the package was opened. The friends who received it together joked that none of the ones we have used before can't be called pepper. A good pepper must have good ingredients to match it.
In the afternoon at the supermarket, I saw that the clams were very fresh, so I couldn’t help but go forward to pick them. I didn’t give up until I chose a small half basket. After leaving the supermarket, I went home, washed the clams, grabbed a handful of peppers, and served them Scallions and dried chilies, a spicy fried clams are freshly baked~ it is mouth watering~


Spicy Fried Clams

1. Prepare the ingredients, cut the Beijing onion into sections, slice the ginger and garlic, wash the peppercorns, wash and cut dried chilies

Spicy Fried Clams recipe

2. Pour oil in the pot, add the shallots, ginger slices, garlic slices and spread on the bottom

Spicy Fried Clams recipe

3. Put in clams

Spicy Fried Clams recipe

4. Add Chinese pepper and dried chili

Spicy Fried Clams recipe

5. Add cooking wine

Spicy Fried Clams recipe

6. Add soy sauce

Spicy Fried Clams recipe

7. Add oyster sauce

Spicy Fried Clams recipe

8. Add sugar

Spicy Fried Clams recipe

9. Cover the pot, select the "dry pot" mode, wait patiently, wait until the program is completed, you can put the clams out and put on a plate
ps: For those who don’t have this pot, please see the tips

Spicy Fried Clams recipe


Spicy Fried Clams recipe


Spicy Fried Clams recipe


Because the light soy sauce itself contains salt, so I did not add salt in the production, but added a little sugar to jacquard the umami taste of the clams~
I used the Jiesai automatic cooking pot during the production process. If you don’t have this pot, it’s okay. You can still make delicious spicy fried clams.
1. Pour oil in the pot, heat up the oil, pour in onion, ginger, garlic and stir fry for a fragrance
2. Pour the clams into the pot and stir fry
3. Put in dried chili and Chinese pepper
4. Cook rice wine
5. Put light soy sauce and oyster sauce, stir fry evenly
6. Put an appropriate amount of sugar to taste
7. Add an appropriate amount of water, wait until the clams are fully opened, and then serve them on the plate~


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