Spicy Fried Rice Cake

Spicy Fried Rice Cake

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Fried rice cake, is this a dish or a snack? There was a discussion in my house, and Bao Dad thought it was purely a snack to carry hunger. But I think it is both a dish and a snack. It depends on how you cook it. Adding sauerkraut and fish fillet is cooked into rice cake soup, which is more appetizing than many dishes. Add a little hot sauce and stir fry, it is a chewy snack. However, the stir-fried rice cake I made today is rarely eaten in this way in Guangdong, and the more spicy it is, the more fragrant it is.


Spicy Fried Rice Cake

1. Prepare the ingredients

Spicy Fried Rice Cake recipe

2. Soak the rice cakes in water to soften them, break them apart

Spicy Fried Rice Cake recipe

3. Wash the shallots, cut the stalks into sections, and chop the leaves

Spicy Fried Rice Cake recipe

4. Heat a pan, pour a little oil, and stir fragrant green onion stalks

Spicy Fried Rice Cake recipe

5. Pour two bowls of water

Spicy Fried Rice Cake recipe

6. Pour the rice cake sauce and boil on high heat

Spicy Fried Rice Cake recipe

7. Pour the rice cakes and stir fry

Spicy Fried Rice Cake recipe

8. Stir fry until the nian gao is thick and the nian gao is soft, scoop it up and sprinkle a little green onion

Spicy Fried Rice Cake recipe


Tips for food:

The rice cake is soaked in water in advance to soften it and then broken. The sauce is starchy, so add 2 bowls of water and stir fry. Stir-fry while collecting the juice. Don't leave the pot, otherwise it will become sticky.


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