Spicy Hot Pot

Spicy Hot Pot

by Reymen

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Guarding a stainless steel cauldron full of chili, sweating like rain, a large pot of rich spicy content, let people concentrate on it without distraction, in front of the spicy hot pot, the taste buds have the most primitive desire and satisfaction, not only vegetables are picked up. , It is an overwhelming sense of happiness!


Spicy Hot Pot

1. The vegetables and ingredients you like to eat are assorted and ready

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

2. Prepare ingredients for preliminary processing: clean all ingredients, remove the roots of oyster mushrooms, tear off the pieces, slice shiitake mushrooms, cut and remove the roots of enoki mushrooms and wash, peel and slice bamboo shoots, peel and slice lotus roots, slice pork belly, slice fish tofu, slice sweet potatoes, slice them, Cut tofu skin into small slices, slice ginger, cut coriander into sections, and cut green onions into sections

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

3. Put oil in the pot, fry the sweet potatoes until golden, and serve.

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

4. Some ingredients such as fish tofu, tofu skin, konjac shreds, enoki mushroom, etc. can be blanched to 8 minutes and then removed and dried.

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

5. Make spiced oil: Pour vegetable oil in a wok, add 3 star anises, 1 handful of Chinese pepper, 3 slices of bay leaves, and fry until the seasoning turns brown, remove the spices, discard, and set aside the base oil

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

6. Fry the bell pepper under the oil in the bottom of the pot until it has a spicy aroma, then remove the bell pepper for use

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

7. Put pork belly slices on low heat and stir fry until oily

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

8. Put in a whole package of spicy fragrant pot base and 4 teaspoons of Pixian bean paste, and stir-fry the red oil and flavor

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

9. Add ginger, garlic and green onions and saute until fragrant

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

10. Put the ingredients in order, put the fire-resistant ones (such as mushrooms, lotus root slices) first (such as bamboo shoots), and stir-fry quickly evenly

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

11. Add 4 teaspoons of white sugar, the bell peppers that have been fried before, and stir-fry the ingredients evenly

Spicy Hot Pot recipe

12. Sprinkle coriander and white sesame seeds before serving. You can eat on the plate.

Spicy Hot Pot recipe


1. A good plate of spicy fragrant pot bottom material is very important. I bought Haidilao before. It turns out that the bottom material from Wangjiadu's home is fried and tastes more positive, moderately salty and spicy. Novices may wish to consult;
2. Spicy pot generally uses bell pepper, which tastes better. Bell peppers can be bought in supermarkets and markets.


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