Tofu Skin recipes

Tomato and Vegetable Hot Pot

Tomato, Thick Soup Treasure, Lettuce

Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetables

Fungus, Cucumber, Cherry Radish

Healthy Hu Spicy Soup

Kelp, Tofu Skin, White Jade Mushroom

Soup Dried Shreds

Tofu Skin, Cucumber, Fresh Shrimp

Family Version Grilled Fish

Fish, Onion, Tofu Skin

Chicken Soup Tofu Skewers

Chicken Soup, Tofu Skin, Parsley

Bone Soup Hot Pot

Ribs, Tofu Skin, Lettuce

Appetizing Spicy Soup

Japanese Tofu, Dried Day Lily, Dried Black Fungus

Thick Soup Tofu Hot Pot

Tofu, Tofu Skin, Tofu Bubble

Soup with Pepper

Flour, Beef With Sauce, Kelp (dried)

Chicken Soup Seafood Hot Pot

Knorr Soup Po (old Hen Soup), Water, Shrimp

Mala Tang

Chrysanthemum, Chinese Cabbage, Tofu Skin

Lazy Noodle Soup

Tomato, Red Chili, Tofu Skin

Soup with Pepper

Black Fungus, Wet Kelp, Tofu Skin

Hot and Sour Soup

Duck Blood, Tofu, Tofu Skin