Garlic Slices recipes

Griddle Ribs

Ribs, Chives, Starch

Eggplant with Sauce

Eggplant, Pork, Ginger

Spicy Tofu

Tofu, Lean Minced Meat, Salt

Mao Xuewang

Hairy Belly, Duck Blood, Soy Sprouts

Spicy Hot Pot Bottom

Thick Soup Treasure, Pixian Doubanjiang, Garlic Slices

Stuffed Chicken Wings with Seasonal Vegetables

Chicken Wings, White Jade Mushroom, Crystal Sugar


Carrot, Cucumber, Kimchi Soup

Explosive Potato Stew

Meter, Potato, Carrot

Tomato Hot Pot Base

Tomato, Thick Soup Treasure, Ketchup

Pan-fried Cowboy Ribs

Cowboy Bones, Salt, Black Pepper

Soup Baby Dishes

Baby Dishes, Knorr Chicken Soup, Garlic Slices

Chicken Stewed with Mushrooms

Three Yellow Chicken, Fresh Mushrooms, Oil

Pumpkin Leaves in Soup

Pumpkin Vine, Preserved Egg, Pork

Innovative Pickled Fish with Two Bowls of Rice

Black Fish Fillet, Sauerkraut, Green Bamboo Shoots