Spicy Potato Chips

Spicy Potato Chips

by Yoha Kitchen

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Those who love potatoes can change countless tricks to smash potatoes, which can be regarded as a favorite of national dishes.


Spicy Potato Chips

1. One tablespoon of Korean chili paste, one tablespoon of Korean garlic chili paste, put them together in the seasoning bowl

Spicy Potato Chips recipe

2. Add a little water to make a paste

Spicy Potato Chips recipe

3. 2 potatoes, peeled and washed, cut into thicker slices

Spicy Potato Chips recipe

4. Preheat the electric baking pan and brush with a little oil

Spicy Potato Chips recipe

5. Put the potato chips, close the lid, press the pie button, and fry automatically

Spicy Potato Chips recipe

6. The reminder sounds, open the lid, turn the potato chips over, brush with the well-mixed chili sauce

Spicy Potato Chips recipe

7. Close the lid, use the pie function again, and then take it out

Spicy Potato Chips recipe


A very simple side dish that can be used as a staple food or as a side dish.


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