Spicy Saliva Chicken

Spicy Saliva Chicken

by Greedy cat vip who loves life

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Regardless of whether it is a meat dish, it is easy to make. Add the seasoning and marinate it, and it can be done with a rice cooker. There is no fumes. We don't have to worry about turning yellow. It’s hot in summer, no one at home doesn’t love this dish. I will share the recipe today. If you like fast and refreshing dishes, follow me to make it~


Spicy Saliva Chicken

1. Prepare the ingredients, chopped green onion or not, I use rice wine to get rid of the fishy, it tastes delicious.

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

2. Pour the rice wine and ginger slices on the chicken thighs, and marinate them for 20 minutes to remove fishy.

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

3. Add clean water to the rice cooker and put on the steaming rack. I use Zhenmi, with a steaming rack inside.

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

4. Put the marinated chicken drumsticks into the rice cooker, making sure that the water in the pot is enough to be steamed.

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

5. Cover the lid of the pot, activate the steaming button, and steam for 15 minutes. If you use a steamer, the time can be shortened by 2-3 minutes, depending on the size of the chicken thighs, and it should be steamed until fully cooked.

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

6. After 15 minutes, the chicken legs are steamed. Prepare a basin of ice water. Put the chicken in the ice water to cool down quickly. This step can make the chicken more refreshing.

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

7. Slice the chicken thighs after taking them out.

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

8. At this time, peel the cucumber and slice it on the bottom of the plate. The saliva chicken and cucumber are a perfect match. The sauce will make the cucumber crispy and delicious. You can also cut it if you like other side dishes.

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

9. Mix all the seasonings into a sauce. Rice vinegar can also be replaced with mature vinegar. If you like more chili oil, add two more spoons.

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

10. Put the chicken on the cucumber slices, drizzle it with the sauce, mix well when you eat it, you can eat it, the chicken must be dipped in the sauce before eating, the taste is really great!

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe


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