Spicy Soy Beans

Spicy Soy Beans

by Xiaoyingzi Gourmet

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Add boiled soybeans and add tempeh sauce to make a delicious meal.


Spicy Soy Beans

1. Prepare the soybeans and pick them

Spicy Soy Beans recipe

2. Soak in water for more than 10 hours after washing

Spicy Soy Beans recipe

3. Soaked soybeans become swollen and take them out to control the water

Spicy Soy Beans recipe

4. Put the seasoning in the pressure cooker

Spicy Soy Beans recipe

5. Put the seasoning in the picture

Spicy Soy Beans recipe

6. Pour in the light soy sauce and dark soy sauce, close the lid and choose boiled beans

Spicy Soy Beans recipe

7. After 25 minutes, the beans will be boiled. After letting out the air, open the lid

Spicy Soy Beans recipe

8. Take out the soybeans and place them in a bowl, add 1/4 of the spicy black bean sauce

Spicy Soy Beans recipe

9. Just stir evenly

Spicy Soy Beans recipe


Without a pressure cooker, just use a pot to cook, but it takes a little longer to cook.


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