Spicy Black Bean Sauce recipes

Saliva Chicken

Parsley, Grass Chicken, Cooking Oil

Sea Fish Stewed Tofu

Small Sea Fish, Tofu, Soy Sauce

Tempeh Water Spinach

Convolvulus Stem, Bell Pepper, Green Pepper

Bawang Supermarket | Northeast Sauerkraut Fatty Sausage

Fat Intestine, Northeast Sauerkraut, Millet Pepper

Braised Fish with Bean and Rice Sauce

Little Diaozi, Edamame, Spicy Black Bean Sauce

Spicy Soy Beans

Soy, Spicy Black Bean Sauce, Sliced Ginger


Lettuce, Chopped Leeks, Carrot

Spicy Soy Dish

Dried Soybeans, Spicy Black Bean Sauce, Soy Sauce

Secret Sauce-flavored Tofu

Tofu (north), Vegetable Oil, Ginger

Bawang Supermarket | Twice Cooked Saury

Saury, Bell Pepper, Green Pepper

Cheese Fried Rice

Rice, Egg, Tomato

Hot and Sour Lotus Root

Lotus Root, Shallot Oil, Rice Vinegar

Pickled Cucumbers

Cucumber, Garlic, Salt