Spicy Vegetarian Griddle

Spicy Vegetarian Griddle

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The family members unanimously expressed that they could not stand the too spicy food, but the food was still acceptable. Sometimes in order to take care of them, they could only reduce the spiciness and make it slightly spicy. They love to eat and are willing to accept it. This mildly spicy vegetable dish is appetizing, not greasy, and it is rare to eat a piece of it.


Spicy Vegetarian Griddle

1. Prepare the ingredients and spicy pot seasoning

Spicy Vegetarian Griddle recipe

2. Wash the lotus roots and potatoes separately, cut them into thin slices and soak for a while. Drain the water, remove the old tendons of snow peas, and wash. Wash the celery and cut into sections, and cut the tofu in half

Spicy Vegetarian Griddle recipe

3. Heat a pan, add some oil, add snow peas, lotus root slices, and stir fry the celery

Spicy Vegetarian Griddle recipe

4. Pour in potato chips and stir fry evenly

Spicy Vegetarian Griddle recipe

5. Pour in tofu bubble, add appropriate amount of water, stir fry until the water evaporates

Spicy Vegetarian Griddle recipe

6. Add spicy hot pot seasoning, one package does not need to be added, add according to the amount and the acceptable spicy degree

Spicy Vegetarian Griddle recipe

7. Add salt, chicken powder, stir fry evenly

Spicy Vegetarian Griddle recipe


Soak potatoes and lotus root slices in water for a while to remove some of the starch, and then stir-fry them without sticking to the pan. The seasoning is added according to the actual situation, you can add more if you like spicy, and less if you can't eat spicy.


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