Spinach in Soup

Spinach in Soup

by Zhou Xiaobai m

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Soup dishes are generally the favorite of our children. The soup can be eaten as well as the vegetables. The soup can be eaten with bibimbap.


Spinach in Soup

1. Wash the spinach first and cut it in half

Spinach in Soup recipe

2. Shell the preserved eggs and cut into pieces, slice ginger ~ a little bit of garlic·

Spinach in Soup recipe

3. Add the right amount of oil to the pan, pour the pork fat and stir fry

Spinach in Soup recipe

4. Then add garlic and ginger and stir fry until fragrant

Spinach in Soup recipe

5. Add the sliced preserved eggs again and stir fry

Spinach in Soup recipe

6. Then put the spinach and stir fry until it's a bit~

Spinach in Soup recipe

7. Add a little water to boil

Spinach in Soup recipe

8. Finally, add the right amount of salt to taste.

Spinach in Soup recipe


Pig fat meat can be notified of lean minced meat, this kind of soup is also delicious~
Maybe you can use the broth directly


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