Spinach Poached Egg

Spinach Poached Egg

by Lazy Beauty Eclipse

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Spinach Poached Egg

Spinach Poached Egg

1. Put the luncheon meat and bread slices in a pan with oil and fry for a while to serve.

Spinach Poached Egg recipe

2. Add butter, melted, add spinach.

Spinach Poached Egg recipe

3. Bring the water to a boil and pour the white vinegar into the pot. The chopsticks swirl around the pot.

Spinach Poached Egg recipe

4. Put the eggs in, shape and remove.

Spinach Poached Egg recipe

5. Put luncheon meat, spinach, shredded cheese, poached egg, sprinkle black pepper on the bread slices.

Spinach Poached Egg recipe


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