Squid Braised Rice

Squid Braised Rice

by Qiu Miao Miao

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The original flavor of the ingredients is the best. Without seasoning, I have always insisted on letting the ingredients show their original taste.


Squid Braised Rice

1. Cut all the materials well,

Squid Braised Rice recipe

2. Heat up the frying pan and saute the potatoes and mushrooms until fragrant. It is best to cut the potatoes into small pieces and cook faster.

Squid Braised Rice recipe

3. For two people, I added two small cups of disposable rice.

Squid Braised Rice recipe

4. Add all the ingredients to the washed rice.

Squid Braised Rice recipe

5. Start cooking mode.

Squid Braised Rice recipe

6. I didn't add any seasonings, I like the original taste of the ingredients more. Finally, add chopped green onion and simmer until it's done.

Squid Braised Rice recipe

7. Come and eat.

Squid Braised Rice recipe


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