Soup Baby Dishes

Soup Baby Dishes

by Little Wei Ruoxian's Kitchen

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Serve baby dishes in soup! A light dish, rich in nutrients


Soup Baby Dishes

1. Wash vegetables, cut vegetables, put them in boiling water

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

2. Soak the shiitake mushrooms in water and cut off the uneatable part (what is that part called?)

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

3. After washing! Cut the squid into silk and soak with the scallops!

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

4. Hot pot! Come on! Stir-fry shiitake mushrooms, let the aroma lock in

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

5. Add the soaked scallop squid, add a little water, and cook the broth Gao Hui! Ten minutes high fire

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

6. Add baby cabbage and some oil! soy sauce! Simmer for five to ten minutes

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

7. The soup baby dish is finished! For the taste and fragrance! Take a minute to set the plate

Soup Baby Dishes recipe


Do whatever you want! It will taste delicious while cooking, thinking about the taste you want


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