Squid (dried) recipes

Squid and Mushroom Risotto

Rice, Squid (dried), Shiitake (dried)

Braised Rice with Black Beans

Rice, Black Bean, Carrot

Squid Braised Rice

Squid (dried), Potato, Shiitake Mushrooms

Seafood Wonton Soup

Wonton Wrapper, Pork, Lean Meat

Dried Squid Pot Chicken Soup

Hen, Squid (dried), Ginger

Squid with Dried Lotus Root and Pork Bone Soup

Pig Bones, Lotus Root, Squid (dried)

Squid and Duck in Clay Pot

Duck, Squid (dried), Dried Bamboo Shoots

Yuxiang Pork

Pork Tenderloin, Carrot, Dried Tofu

Soup Baby Dishes

Baby Dishes, Shiitake (dried), Dried Scallops

Squid and Loofah Soup

Loofah, Squid (dried), Salt

Hakka Stir-fry

Squid (dried), Pork Belly, Vegetable Oil

Curry Dumplings

Glutinous Rice Flour, Shiitake (dried), Dried Shrimp

Shredded Squid

Squid (dried), Sliced Ginger, Cooking Wine

Tea Tree Mushroom Chicken Soup

Grass Chicken, Tea Tree Mushroom, Red Dates

Fried Squid with Chives

Squid (dried), Chives, Red Pepper

Hometown Ham Kok Tsai

Glutinous Rice Flour, Sticky Rice, Horseshoe