Steamed Corn

Steamed Corn

by Kitty day

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Isn’t it simple to eat boiled corn alone? If you do this, the milk is scented and the corn is fragrant, suitable for children!


Steamed Corn

1. The ingredients used are ready

Steamed Corn recipe

2. First, the flour, corn flour, milk powder and yeast are alive with warm water, knead into a dough, and cover with plastic wrap for proofing

Steamed Corn recipe

3. Proof until it is twice as large as the original, and the inside becomes spongy

Steamed Corn recipe

4. Grate 2 corns with a wire grater,

Steamed Corn recipe

5. 2 corns cut into whole corn kernels with a knife

Steamed Corn recipe

6. Add the melted butter, condensed milk and sugar and mix well

Steamed Corn recipe

7. The awake dough is taken out and exhausted

Steamed Corn recipe

8. Divide into equal size doses

Steamed Corn recipe

9. Roll the skin, thick in the middle and thin in the periphery

Steamed Corn recipe

10. Add 2 scoops of corn filling

Steamed Corn recipe

11. Squeeze it like a big bun

Steamed Corn recipe

12. Knead into strips, shaped like corn

Steamed Corn recipe

13. Use a knife or thread to make spaced marks, which look like corn kernels

Steamed Corn recipe

14. Put cold water in the pot, put the corn leaves on the grate, put the corn in it, and boil it on high heat for about 25 minutes.

Steamed Corn recipe


Grated corn tastes better.\nThe noodles should be fully proofed.\nUse a pot of cold water to omit the process of proofing again.


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