Tremella Corn Soup

Tremella Corn Soup

by Autumn to Maple Leaf Red

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Tremella and fresh corn are my favorite foods.
Today, these two ingredients are used to make nutritious and moisturizing Tremella Corn Soup. In the dry autumn season, come to a bowl, which is very moisturizing and beneficial.


Tremella Corn Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients

Tremella Corn Soup recipe

2. Soak the white fungus with water

Tremella Corn Soup recipe

3. Wash the corn and cut into sections

Tremella Corn Soup recipe

4. Tear the white fungus into small flowers and put it in the pressure cooker

Tremella Corn Soup recipe

5. Add corn cubes

Tremella Corn Soup recipe

6. Add the right amount of water, cover the pot, and select the stew button.

Tremella Corn Soup recipe

7. Turn off the power when you hear the prompt tone, and then open the lid after natural decompression

Tremella Corn Soup recipe

8. The wolfberry is soaked in advance and decorated, and the white fungus corn soup is nutritious and nourishing.

Tremella Corn Soup recipe


It is time-saving and quick to make with a pressure cooker.
If you like sweetness, you can add rock sugar.


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