Sweet Tortillas

Sweet Tortillas

by He Xiaohe

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A Pandora's box with 1,000 kinds of delicacies, a variety of dishes, Ostini can do it in one pot. The corn tortillas made of fresh corn are sweet and delicious, with glutinous rice flour added, and the texture is waxy, especially delicious. A pot of breakfast is enough for the whole family. It is quick and simple, and magical.


Sweet Tortillas

1. Prepare ingredients.

Sweet Tortillas recipe

2. Peel the fresh corn and add appropriate amount of water to make corn juice.

Sweet Tortillas recipe

3. Add glutinous rice flour, corn flour and appropriate amount of sugar and stir to form a paste.

Sweet Tortillas recipe

4. Pour into the measuring cup while preheating the multi-function pot.

Sweet Tortillas recipe

5. Brush a thin layer of oil on the disc, pour the batter, and smooth it out.

Sweet Tortillas recipe

6. Cover and fry for about 3 minutes.

Sweet Tortillas recipe

7. Flip it over and fry for a while until golden on both sides.

Sweet Tortillas recipe

8. Pandora’s Box of 1000 kinds of food, variety of dishes, Ostini can do it in one pot

Sweet Tortillas recipe


1. As long as the amount of water can be stirred to open the corn. \n2, sugar can be added as appropriate, if the corn is sweet enough, you can leave it alone.


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