Steamed Dumplings

Steamed Dumplings

by Mother Maizi

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Kaifeng Tangtang Bao is not only beautiful in form, but also exquisite in content. The meat filling and fresh soup live in the same room. When you eat it, you can integrate eating noodles, meat, and soup, which is a kind of integrated charm.


Steamed Dumplings

1. Pour the flour into the basin and pour some warm water

Steamed Dumplings recipe

2. And become flocculent, continue to add warm water

Steamed Dumplings recipe

3. Knead into a dough, cover with a damp cloth, and make noodles

Steamed Dumplings recipe

4. After 10 minutes of making the noodles, continue to knead the noodles and repeat it several times until the dough is very smooth and gluten. I knead it 5 times

Steamed Dumplings recipe

5. Use boiling water to dissolve half of the thick soup to make a stock, let cool and set aside

Steamed Dumplings recipe

6. Take a large pot and pour the meat

Steamed Dumplings recipe

7. Add all the seasonings, stir the meat filling and seasoning in one direction, until the meat filling and seasoning are completely mixed

Steamed Dumplings recipe

8. Add the broth several times

Steamed Dumplings recipe

9. Keep whipping up with your hands

Steamed Dumplings recipe

10. Take a piece of bad noodles, knead it into a long strip, cut it into ingredients, each of mine is 15 grams

Steamed Dumplings recipe

11. Press flat and roll it into a round piece, and roll it out as thinly as possible

Steamed Dumplings recipe

12. Pack the stuffing, I pack 25 grams of minced meat

Steamed Dumplings recipe

13. Knead into 18-24 pleats, wrap and let stand for 5 minutes

Steamed Dumplings recipe

14. Put it in a cage padded with greased paper, keeping a certain gap

Steamed Dumplings recipe

15. After steaming the steamer on high heat, steam for 8 minutes

Steamed Dumplings recipe

16. The soup-filled Xiaolongbao is finished, so when you eat it, you have to take a small bite to suck the soup!

Steamed Dumplings recipe


The broth must be added in portions, and be beaten repeatedly until the meat is completely absorbed. If it is still a bit thin, you can freeze it in the refrigerator for a while before wrapping! Use warm water when kneading the dough, and the dough should be a little softer! Roll out the dough as much as possible!


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