Steamed Pork with Taro

Steamed Pork with Taro

by Jamie ~ Rabbit

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My name is Yingzi#from北京#. The entry is steamed meat with taro, which my mother liked the most before. It is a dish that I don’t often eat but is very greedy and easy to eat.
Pork belly relieves gluttony. In the past, most of them used potatoes, which are relatively easy to buy ingredients. During the process of steaming, potatoes absorb the fat and aroma of pork belly and become very delicious.


Steamed Pork with Taro

1. Need a whole piece of pork belly with skin, cut into 1cm thick slices

Steamed Pork with Taro recipe

2. Lipu taro, cut from the middle is also cut into about 1cm thick slices

Steamed Pork with Taro recipe

3. A piece of pork belly, a piece of taro, steamed in the pot for 40 minutes

Steamed Pork with Taro recipe

4. After steaming, pick up the seasoning on the top, and put how much you eat in a bowl or fill the skin and steam for 20 minutes

Steamed Pork with Taro recipe


When you get out of the pan, let the skin on top. When you invert, you must pay attention to pressing the plate so that you don’t burn yourself. It is best to use this kind of deep plate, which is juicy. During the second steaming, if you feel that it is not salty enough, you can use it again. Put a little soy sauce. It is not recommended to put too much for the first time. It will not taste good when it is salty. I usually steam it once or a little more, and then steam it when I eat it. It tastes better.


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