Steamed Sea Bass

Steamed Sea Bass

by Miira

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Steamed sea bass, a popular steamed dish! Rich in nutrition, easy to operate, delicious steamed! "


Steamed Sea Bass

1. Wash the fish and set aside.

Steamed Sea Bass recipe

2. Change the knife to the tray.

Steamed Sea Bass recipe

3. Put the green onion and ginger into the boiling water pot and steam.

Steamed Sea Bass recipe

4. Steam for four minutes, remove the water from the steamed fish on the plate.

Steamed Sea Bass recipe

5. Put a chopsticks lard into the steamer, steam for 4 minutes, turn off the heat, and steam for 2 minutes.

Steamed Sea Bass recipe

6. Take out the fish, discard the green onion and ginger shreds of the steamed fish, put in the green onion and ginger again, and garnish the fish with a small tomato.

Steamed Sea Bass recipe

7. Pour hot oil on the green onion and ginger, add some steamed fish and tempeh.

Steamed Sea Bass recipe

8. Homemade steamed fish, perfectly presented.

Steamed Sea Bass recipe

9. Finished picture.

Steamed Sea Bass recipe


Steaming a catty of sea bass for eight minutes is just right! The lard is added randomly, and I think it is very fragrant! have a good weekend.


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