Delicious Sea Bass Soup

Delicious Sea Bass Soup

by Under the citrus tree

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Fish soup is delicious, and it is the best dish to supplement calcium and nutrition for babies.


Delicious Sea Bass Soup

1. Scrape the scales, remove the internal organs, and wash the perch, cut it from the middle (or not according to personal preference) and cook faster.

Delicious Sea Bass Soup recipe

2. Slice ginger and garlic, prepare star anise pepper and wolfberry.

Delicious Sea Bass Soup recipe

3. Put olive oil into the pot (common cooking oil can also be used because it is made for babies), and fry the fish on both sides. Add the prepared ginger and garlic in the middle, and fry it with the fish.

Delicious Sea Bass Soup recipe

4. Add hot water, add star anise pepper and wolfberry. Let it boil for about 10 minutes, reduce the heat and simmer until the soup becomes white. Add a little salt to the pot to keep the fish soup fresh.

Delicious Sea Bass Soup recipe

5. Use a strainer to filter part of the fish soup to the baby.

Delicious Sea Bass Soup recipe


Open the lid when the fish is stewed on a high fire to reduce the fishy smell. Cover the lid and simmer the white soup slowly after low heat. In addition, because it is mainly used to make soup for babies, it is recommended to scrape off the scales.


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