Sea Bass in Soup

Sea Bass in Soup

by Leyla REIRA

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Come to a spicy fish dish to boost your appetite.
Hope you all like it.


Sea Bass in Soup

1. The main materials are available.

Sea Bass in Soup recipe

2. Dice hang peppers, red rice peppers, and pickled peppers for later use; cut green onion into shredded green onions, save some and cut green onions for later use;

Sea Bass in Soup recipe

3. Wash the seabass slices and slice the fish on both sides, and chop the fish bones into pieces for later use;

Sea Bass in Soup recipe

4. Use cooking wine and salt for the fish fillets.

Sea Bass in Soup recipe

5. Heat oil in a pot, add fish bones and fry until fragrant;

Sea Bass in Soup recipe

6. Add appropriate amount of hot water to boil, turn to medium heat and cook for 10 minutes until the soup is milky white;

Sea Bass in Soup recipe

7. After the soup is cooked, remove the fish bones, add the fish fillets and blanch them until cooked;

Sea Bass in Soup recipe

8. Finally, the next three kinds of peppers, green onions and fish meat are cooked together, and some salt is added to taste.

Sea Bass in Soup recipe

9. Put the green peppercorns in the pan and put it on the plate, and drizzle with appropriate amount of pepper oil.

Sea Bass in Soup recipe


Red rice pepper is used to highlight the spicy flavor. The fish soup is used as the soup base, together with the hemp of Chinese pepper and the dry spicy of rice pepper, which can fully highlight the deliciousness of the fish.


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