Smelly Bass

Smelly Bass

by Brother Xiaoyu's private house

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The representative of Huizhou cuisine-smelly mandarin fish. I didn’t buy mandarin fish today, so I replaced it with bass. It originated in Huizhou, Anhui Province. I have never eaten authentic smelly mandarin fish. Now, smelly is the unique flavor of this dish. After you take a bite, you will be surprised to find that smelly can be so beautiful! ^O^


Smelly Bass

1. Clean the perch, cut off the head and tail,

Smelly Bass recipe

2. Bone the fish, slice the fish,

Smelly Bass recipe

3. Fish bone stew for later use,

Smelly Bass recipe

4. Knead the fish fillets with salt, pepper, cooking wine, starch, and mix well.

Smelly Bass recipe

5. Add salt to the fish head and fish tail, and steam them with cooking wine for later use.

Smelly Bass recipe

6. Take two pieces of stinky tofu,

Smelly Bass recipe

7. Wrap right amount of stinky tofu with fish fillets,

Smelly Bass recipe

8. 60% oil temperature, deep fry until golden and fish out,

Smelly Bass recipe

9. Stir-fry the bean paste with a small amount of oil,

Smelly Bass recipe

10. Stir-fry the red oil, add green onions, ginger, and chopped onions,

Smelly Bass recipe

11. Stir fry until it tastes good, pour it into the fish soup,

Smelly Bass recipe

12. Pour stinky fish rolls, soy sauce, chicken powder, sugar to taste,

Smelly Bass recipe

13. Water starch thickens the gorgon,

Smelly Bass recipe

14. Arrange out of the pot and top with the soup.

Smelly Bass recipe


When frying, pay attention, the temperature must not be too high, to avoid the fried fish rolls turning out and the meat becomes old.


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