Sea Bass Soup

Sea Bass Soup

by Bean Emperor Boiled

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Perch contains protein, fat, carbohydrates and other nutrients, as well as vitamin B2, niacin and trace amounts of vitamin B1, phosphorus, iron and other substances.
Perch can nourish the liver and kidney, invigorate the spleen and stomach, resolve phlegm and relieve cough. It has a good nourishing effect on people with insufficient liver and kidney. It can also cure fetal dysfunction and postpartum breast loss. Mothers-to-be and postpartum women eat seabass, which can not only make up for themselves, but will not cause overnutrition and lead to obesity. In addition, the blood of sea bass contains a lot of copper, which is an indispensable mineral that maintains the normal function of the human nervous system and participates in the function of key enzymes in the metabolism of several substances.


Sea Bass Soup

1. A fresh sea bass

Sea Bass Soup recipe

2. It's better to cook after processing and cut in half

Sea Bass Soup recipe

3. Wash medicinal materials for later use

Sea Bass Soup recipe

4. Add a little oil and sauté dried ginger

Sea Bass Soup recipe

5. Double-sided frying and boiled with hot water and medicinal materials into white fish soup

Sea Bass Soup recipe

6. Just add a little salt before eating, the fish soup is delicious without MSG

Sea Bass Soup recipe

7. Can’t do without health care, delicious

Sea Bass Soup recipe


Note that this dish is suitable for post-operative and health-preserving pregnant women. Do not eat because they bring Chinese herbal medicines.


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