Steamed White Radish

Steamed White Radish

by Qiuyue0815

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As the saying goes, eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer. This white radish is cheap and healthy. It is steamed and eaten without losing nutrition.
(Baidu) White radish is sweet, pungent, and cool in nature. It enters the lungs, stomach and large intestine meridian; it has the effects of clearing heat and promoting body fluid, cooling blood to stop bleeding, lowering the qi to broaden the middle, eliminating food and resolving stagnation, appetizing and strengthening the spleen, and removing phlegm; It is rich in vitamin C and trace element zinc, which helps to strengthen the body's immune function and improve disease resistance. The delicious and juicy white radish can not only promote qi and help digestion, but also prevent colds. The radish is rich in soluble dietary fiber, which can delay food absorption, reduce postprandial hypoglycemia, improve blood sugar, promote bowel movements, and prevent constipation.


Steamed White Radish

1. Prepare white radish

Steamed White Radish recipe

2. Prepare such a chipper (slicing directly if the knife is good)

Steamed White Radish recipe

3. Shavings

Steamed White Radish recipe

4. The radish slices are on the plate

Steamed White Radish recipe

5. Add ginger powder

Steamed White Radish recipe

6. Stir in pepper powder, salt and green onion, steam on a basket for about 10 minutes

Steamed White Radish recipe

7. This is steamed (pour out the steamed radish soup first)

Steamed White Radish recipe

8. Chop the red, yellow, and green peppers

Steamed White Radish recipe

9. Stir-fry the colored peppers with olive oil

Steamed White Radish recipe

10. Season with Maggi umami sauce

Steamed White Radish recipe

11. Then put these bell peppers on the white radish to garnish

Steamed White Radish recipe

12. Use the steamed radish soup in the pot with a little bit of water, and add a little chicken powder to thicken the soup. Just pour the juice on the radish

Steamed White Radish recipe


Steamed radish will make soup


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