Stewed Fish Soup

Stewed Fish Soup

by Minger Kitchen

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My second treasure likes to eat fish and shrimp foods, and fish soup is often made for him. Everyone knows that fish soup is very nutritious. My second treasure often drinks fish soup, no matter its size, physique, or intelligence, it is superior! Especially in autumn, it can also reduce the symptoms of autumn dryness to a certain extent, but many people don't like the taste of fish soup and dislike the smell of fish soup. In fact, that’s because you have not mastered the tricks of cooking fish soup. Do not cook carp soup directly. It will taste better if you add 1 step of fish soup. There is no earthy smell, and children love to drink it. Let's try my approach together!


Stewed Fish Soup

1. First, deal with the carp. Wash the internal organs of the carp bought home, especially the black inner membrane of the abdomen, which is an important source of the smell of carp. Then chop the fish into smaller pieces with a knife, add salt and cooking wine to pickle for a while, you can put a little more cooking wine, so that you don’t need to put cooking wine in the next step of cooking, which is also an important step to remove fishy smell.

Stewed Fish Soup recipe

2. Put a little more peanut oil in the pot. When the oil temperature reaches 30-40% hot, add the fish cubes to fry the fish cubes and remove the oil to control the oil.

Stewed Fish Soup recipe

3. Raise the pot, pour some water into the pot, put the fried fish pieces in the pot, add the green onion, ginger, garlic, and pepper, and continue to boil over medium heat.

Stewed Fish Soup recipe

4. This way, the fried fish pieces, and the fish pieces after boiling, can cook a thick milky white fish soup after only four or five minutes after boiling. Add salt, vinegar, and oyster sauce to taste.

Stewed Fish Soup recipe

5. Continue to cook for two minutes, let the fish fillet, add some chopped green onions and chopped parsley to get out of the pot.

Stewed Fish Soup recipe


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