Stewed Lamb Soup

Stewed Lamb Soup

by Yuxin Xinxin

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Speaking of warming up in winter, gourmet lamb is definitely the first choice. Today’s soup uses lamb offal. It is refreshing and warm without too much seasoning. It is a must-have dish for warming up in winter. "


Stewed Lamb Soup

1. Blanch the fresh lamb with cooking wine.

Stewed Lamb Soup recipe

2. We put the lamb intestines into sections separately.

Stewed Lamb Soup recipe

3. Sheep lungs. Cut the tripe and skull with a knife.

Stewed Lamb Soup recipe

4. Put a little pork suet in the pot. After the oil is put into the lamb intestines to flatten out the excess oil inside.

Stewed Lamb Soup recipe

5. Add other lamb and stir fry. Add a spoonful of cooking wine. Remove fishy smell.

Stewed Lamb Soup recipe

6. Squeeze the excess oil from the haggis with a drainer. Scoop him out and put it in a casserole with an appropriate amount of water. The haggis produced in this way is not greasy.

Stewed Lamb Soup recipe

7. Bring to a boil on high heat and scoop out excess foam with a spoon.

Stewed Lamb Soup recipe

8. Turn down the fire. Join. Scallions, sliced ginger and cinnamon. Cook for an hour.

Stewed Lamb Soup recipe

9. Add sliced white radish. Put a little salt. Chicken bouillon, pepper, simmer for ten minutes on medium heat.

Stewed Lamb Soup recipe

10. Pick up the pot and sprinkle some chopped green onions.

Stewed Lamb Soup recipe

11. Use fermented bean curd and lamb soup to make a sauce, and eat it as a dip.

Stewed Lamb Soup recipe


Don't put too much aniseed in it. So as not to overwhelm the scent of lamb itself.


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