Stewed Old Pigeon Soup

Stewed Old Pigeon Soup

by meggy dancing apple

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There is a folk saying that "one pigeon wins nine chickens", which shows the high nutritional value of pigeons.

Pigeon meat is rich in protein, low in fat content, and contains calcium, iron, copper and other trace elements and a variety of vitamins. Pigeon meat also contains chondroitin. This chondroitin can improve the vitality of skin cells, enhance skin elasticity, and improve blood circulation. Especially for people after trauma, if taking pigeons has the effect of accelerating wound healing, this is why surgery The reason why later patients often drink pigeon soup.

The general population usually drink pigeon soup to nourish the body. Simply stew and stew, it is delicious. Especially when the seasons change, it has the effect of replenishing water in time and preventing dryness.


Stewed Old Pigeon Soup

1. 1 old pigeon, 1 pinch of wolfberry, 1 piece of ginger;

Stewed Old Pigeon Soup recipe

2. Clean the inside and outside of the old pigeon, cut off the paws for easy placement in the pot; rinse the wolfberry with cold water, and slice the ginger;

Stewed Old Pigeon Soup recipe

3. The old pigeon is put in a pot of cold water, and the high heat is turned to medium heat, and a little oil and foam appear;

Stewed Old Pigeon Soup recipe

4. Use a spoon to skim off the scum;

Stewed Old Pigeon Soup recipe

5. Put the clear soup of the old pigeon and the blanched pigeon into the pot, and put the wolfberry and ginger into the soup together;

Stewed Old Pigeon Soup recipe

6. Cover the inner and outer lids and cook the soup for 2-4 hours. Sprinkle salt when it is out of the pot; the old pigeon meat is hard and not easy to rot, and the short pot can drink fresh soup; the long pot and the soup and meat can be eaten together.

Stewed Old Pigeon Soup recipe


1. Old pigeons should be cooked in soup, tender pigeons should be stewed or roasted; the former takes a long time to make the meat overripe, and the soup and meat can be eaten together to more fully absorb the nutrition of the pigeon;
2. The wolfberry can also be put in about 10 minutes before it is out of the pot;
3. The wolfberry can be replaced with ingredients such as yam, taro, cordyceps flowers, mushrooms and other ingredients; there is no need to add a few slices of ginger to remove the fishy taste, so as to prevent the herbal flavor from overwhelming the umami taste of the pigeon.


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