Stir-fried String Beans

Stir-fried String Beans

by Lotus Shadow Li Fang Fei

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Kidney beans are sweet, light and lukewarm in nature, return to the spleen and stomach meridian

Reduce dampness without being dry and strong, invigorate the spleen without stagnating greasy, it is a commonly used product for spleen deficiency and dampness

It has the effects of reconciling viscera, calming and nourishing the spirit, replenishing qi and invigorating the spleen, relieving heat and dampness, and hydration

Indications of spleen deficiency and dampness, lack of food and loose stools, damp betting, women taking too much, can also be used for heat and dampness injuries, vomiting, diarrhea and turning tendons.


Stir-fried String Beans

1. Wash the green beans and soak for 20 minutes.

Stir-fried String Beans recipe

2. After washing the green beans, shred them.

Stir-fried String Beans recipe

3. Chop the garlic and cut the chili into sections.

Stir-fried String Beans recipe

4. Heat the oil in the pot, add garlic and chili, sauté fragrant, add string beans, stir fry until the color turns dark green.

Stir-fried String Beans recipe

5. After sautéing the green beans until the color turns dark green, add some hot water and cover the lid and simmer for a while. After the water is dry, add a little chicken essence, and a proper amount of peanut oil.

Stir-fried String Beans recipe


However, it is slightly poisonous, so it should be soaked in clean water (or salted water) for 20 minutes before cooking. It must be cooked thoroughly before consumption.
The method to prevent kidney bean poisoning is very simple, as long as all the kidney beans are cooked and stewed thoroughly. The amount of each pot should not exceed half of the capacity of the pot. After frying with oil, add appropriate amount of water, add the lid and simmer for about 10 minutes, and use a spatula to constantly turn the green beans to make it evenly heated.


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