Stir-fry with Seasonal Vegetables

Stir-fry with Seasonal Vegetables

by Winter Solstice 2467

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A simple stir-fry of seasonal vegetables. The taste is crisp and tender. The nutritious yam is nourishing and strong, helping digestion, condensing sweat, and stopping diarrhea. Snow peas contains a unique plant lectin, antibranching factor and gibberellin A20, etc., these substances It plays an important role in enhancing the body's metabolic function.
Fungus has many medicinal effects. It can nourish qi and strengthen the body, promote blood circulation, and prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia. It can nourish blood and restore skin, make the skin ruddy and radiant, can clear the intestines and stomach, lubricate the intestines, and also help patients with hypertension.


Stir-fry with Seasonal Vegetables

1. The ingredients are ready, the yam is peeled and washed, the snow peas are removed and the ends are washed, and the fungus is optionally washed

Stir-fry with Seasonal Vegetables recipe

2. Yam slices

Stir-fry with Seasonal Vegetables recipe

3. Bring water to a boil in a pot, add the yam to boil for half a minute, remove

Stir-fry with Seasonal Vegetables recipe

4. Add a little salt to the water, add snow peas to blanch the water until the color becomes darker, remove it and let it cool in cold water, remove it to drain

Stir-fry with Seasonal Vegetables recipe

5. Add oil to the pan to heat up, put the garlic in a low heat and sauté until fragrant

Stir-fry with Seasonal Vegetables recipe

6. Add the fungus and stir fry for 1-2 minutes

Stir-fry with Seasonal Vegetables recipe

7. Add snow peas, yam, salt, stir evenly over high heat, pour in a little water and starch, stir evenly and then serve and serve

Stir-fry with Seasonal Vegetables recipe


Snow peas must be cooked thoroughly to eat the yam. It is recommended to wear gloves when you need to peel off the skin, so that your hands will not be itchy.


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