Stollen Bread

Stollen Bread

by Little Lotus in the Wind

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Someone said: "Europeans have a tradition of eating rich and rotten bread to celebrate Christmas. Italians eat Panettone, and Germans eat Stollen and Stollen. Stollen is not only high in oil and sugar, but also contains a lot of wine-stained fruit. Dry, roasted nuts, rich spices, and sprinkle enough powdered sugar on the surface to symbolize Jesus who was just born wrapped in a blanket.” I checked the recipes of many people on the Internet, and finally made them according to my own preferences. This is Stollen.
Stollen's look and taste are very different from the usual sweet bread. It is not fluffy, not soft, not light, not light, not moist, not Q, not springy. On the contrary, it is rich, rich, heavy, crisp, rich, and luxurious. "Texas Farmer" said Stollen is suitable for cutting thin slices, serving with a cup of coffee, and enjoying slowly. But when I made it, I only tasted three slices. My daughter came back from school and ate half of the bread in one go. She used her actions to explain how delicious this bread is. Originally, Stollen had to be stored for a long time until Christmas to enjoy, but my Stollen was afraid that it would not be able to wait for Christmas, and it would disappear without a trace tomorrow morning.


Stollen Bread

1. Soak all kinds of dried fruits with rum 1-2 days in advance. The wine can choose brandy, rum, Cointreau, etc., and the dried fruit can choose cranberry, kiwi, fig, dried pineapple, etc.

Stollen Bread recipe

2. Production medium species: Heat the milk to warm, add yeast and flour and stir evenly, ferment for more than an hour in a warm place, until a lot of bubbles are spongy.

Stollen Bread recipe

3. Put the medium seeds, eggs, milk, sugar, salt, flour, soaked dried fruit, butter that has softened at room temperature, and cinnamon powder into the bucket of the bread machine, and start the kneading program to start kneading.

Stollen Bread recipe

4. After mixing into a smooth dough, add almond slices and walnut kernels, continue to mix well, and then put it in a warm place to ferment.

Stollen Bread recipe

5. Ferment to more than twice the original size.

Stollen Bread recipe

6. Take out the fermented dough, divide it into two equal portions, knead each portion into a round dough, and use a rolling pin to press out two traces.

Stollen Bread recipe

7. Roll out one side to make a thinner dough piece.

Stollen Bread recipe

8. Fold the flat dough sheet up and insert the edge into the dent on the other side.

Stollen Bread recipe

9. Put the two bread doughs into the baking tray.

Stollen Bread recipe

10. Leave the baking tray in a warm place to ferment for 1 hour and increase the volume slightly.

Stollen Bread recipe

11. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees, place the middle layer on the baking tray and bake for 35 minutes. Cover with tin foil after coloring.

Stollen Bread recipe

12. Take out the toasted bread and brush with 20 grams of butter while it is hot. Brush it several times to let the bread absorb gradually, and finally sprinkle with enough powdered sugar to decorate.

Stollen Bread recipe


You can put the dried fruit at will, and the dried fruit can also be replaced according to your own preferences.


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