Strawberry Milk Roll (Soup Type)

Strawberry Milk Roll (Soup Type)

This milk roll was once very popular because it is really super soft! The soup method makes it soft and silky. Strawberry jam is added as a filling to make it soft and have more flavor







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How to make it (Strawberry Milk Roll (Soup Type))

1. Soup type: Put water and high powder in a milk pot, stir well and heat. Heat until there are obvious lines on the surface, away from the fire. Cover the surface with cling film, put it in the refrigerator for more than one hour
Strawberry Milk Roll (Soup Type) recipe
2. Put other ingredients except butter in the main dough into the mixing bucket, knead the thick film, heat the butter and knead until it expands
Strawberry Milk Roll (Soup Type) recipe
3. Put the dough in the fermentation basin, squeeze it slightly, make the temperature of the dough as consistent as possible during fermentation, and cover the surface with plastic wrap for basic fermentation
Strawberry Milk Roll (Soup Type) recipe
4. After the fermentation is complete, divide the dough into 60 grams each, round and relax for 15 minutes
Strawberry Milk Roll (Soup Type) recipe
5. After relaxing, roll the dough into a beef tongue shape and turn it over! Turn it over! Turn over
Strawberry Milk Roll (Soup Type) recipe
6. Lift the left and right sides to the middle and fold it in half, gently press until it is flat, and spread the strawberry jam in the middle after rolling it out, without spreading around the edges
Strawberry Milk Roll (Soup Type) recipe
7. After spreading the strawberry jam, roll up the center of the two ends and carry out the second fermentation.
Strawberry Milk Roll (Soup Type) recipe
8. After the second shot, sift the powder on the surface and cut a few times on the surface with a knife. The oven is 160 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes. The specific temperature is adjusted according to the temper of the oven
Strawberry Milk Roll (Soup Type) recipe

1. Fill the strawberry jam, do not apply too much, it will come out when there is too much jam
2. Add low powder to make it softer
3. After rolling into a beef tongue shape, be sure to turn it over! Otherwise, the surface will be uneven. Do you like this method? I look forward to communicating with you. If you like, you can bookmark, comment and forward it!


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