Stroganoff Pork Floss Bread

Stroganoff Pork Floss Bread

by There is a Dragon Girl 2012 Nono

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At the beginning of October, I took a photo of Queen's Hard Red High Gluten Flour at the Aihe Freedom Teacher Wechat Store. This is the first time to make bread. Both the water absorption and the malleability are very good. It is a pity that the photo is shown, the meat floss salad dressing. The bread is very soft because it is made from soup. The recipe comes from the Baker Baker

Stroganoff Pork Floss Bread

1. 20 grams of high-gluten flour and 100 grams of water, pour it into a milk pan and stir to form surface water, stir while heating on a low fire, until it becomes a paste, let it cool before use

Stroganoff Pork Floss Bread recipe

2. All the ingredients and soup in the auxiliary materials are put into the bread bucket. (Except butter, salad dressing, pork floss) (note that salt and sugar should be placed diagonally)

Stroganoff Pork Floss Bread recipe

3. Start the bread machine "kneading program" for 20 minutes, add butter, and mix for 15 minutes

Stroganoff Pork Floss Bread recipe

4. Ferment in a warm place until the hole does not shrink

Stroganoff Pork Floss Bread recipe

5. The fermented dough is vented, divided into small doses of about 48 g/piece, and proofed for 15 minutes

Stroganoff Pork Floss Bread recipe

6. Take a piece of dough and roll it into a tongue shape, squeeze it with salad dressing, put pork floss, and roll it up from top to bottom

Stroganoff Pork Floss Bread recipe

7. Squeeze

Stroganoff Pork Floss Bread recipe

8. Put it in the baking tray for the second fermentation and brush the egg mixture. Put it in the preheated oven and heat up and down at 150 degrees for 20 minutes

Stroganoff Pork Floss Bread recipe

9. When eating, put salad dressing on the surface and stick the floss on it.

Stroganoff Pork Floss Bread recipe


The water absorption of the flour is different, the liquid should be added slowly. The queen flour I used was bought at the free teacher micro store.
The oven time and temperature are for reference only.


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