Styling Biscuits

Styling Biscuits

by Lin Binger

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In order to celebrate Children’s Day, the kindergarten specially invited several parents who can make biscuits and children to DIY biscuits together. In fact, I don’t know how to make biscuits, so I made them at home before going. This is a bit of confidence. Help, Xiaobao always asks me before I go, when will you go to our kindergarten to make biscuits? Hehe, he seems to like this kind of parent-child activity. There happened to be a parent there, and everyone was talking outside together. Next, then we will get the materials. Our task is to help the children make the noodles, and then guide them to roll the noodles and make the styling. This time the children also brought the tools from home. Almost everyone has a rolling pin and a lot of biscuits. The molds seem to be quite professional.


Styling Biscuits

1. Put the butter and sugar in the basin, use a whisk to break the butter, add the eggs and flour

Styling Biscuits recipe

2. Stir evenly and knead into a ball, take a dough and knead it into a ball, add egg liquid

Styling Biscuits recipe

3. Press a pit in the middle, add jam, and bake at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.

Styling Biscuits recipe
Styling Biscuits recipe
Styling Biscuits recipe
Styling Biscuits recipe


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