Sugar-free Potato Buns Sweet Potato Mantou

Sugar-free Potato Buns Sweet Potato Mantou

by Baodi

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The breakfast during the fat reduction period is most suitable for the staple food with medium GI carbs as the mainstay and high GI carbs as the supplement.
I have seen sweet potato bread before, but the bread has oil, sugar and salt. In contrast, steamed buns are healthier. So I made a bun version of the potato bun Or sweet potato bun~


Sugar-free Potato Buns Sweet Potato Mantou

1. The picture starts with the dough and sweet potato cores, sorry hahahaha, I forgot to take pictures before.
For lazy people, use the bread machine to make the dough: add 150g of water, 300g of whole wheat flour (normal flour can also be used), 1 bag of yeast powder (5g), and then start the dough process (approximately 2 hours), 1.5 hours in summer. It's done. If you like milky aroma, you can replace the water with milk or coconut milk, and add 10ml more.
Non-lazy people can make noodles manually by themselves~~
Then add a small amount of water (1/4 of the sweet potato) to the electric pressure cooker and select the cooking program. Take it out and let cool when finished.
After 1.5 hours of baking the dough, you can cancel the dough procedure, start the dough mixing procedure to remove part of the air, or you can just take it out and knead it yourself (just a few kneading). Pass the kitchen scale and divide it into 10 doughs (that is, 30g whole wheat flour for each dough, because sweet potatoes are also added. Normal steamed buns are generally 50g, which can be modified according to your own meal size).
Then knead each dough more than a dozen times and roll it into an oval-shaped leather (the first time you don’t have experience, in fact, a square one is fine), not too thick or too thin, it is easy to break if it is thin, and it is not easy to pack if it is too thick.
Peel the sweet potato, press it into a puree with a spoon, and then directly take a large piece with your hands, put the two hands together (in the shape of a Buddha) to make the sweet potato thin and put it on the skin (if the sweet potato is not enough, just put the rest The skin is made into steamed buns; if there are more sweet potatoes, you can make sweet potato yogurt, etc., free to play).

Sugar-free Potato Buns Sweet Potato Mantou recipe

2. Once the sweet potato cores are all placed, you can wrap them up. You can wrap them anyway, and the folds will not be visible when they face down. Slightly shaping with your hands, you can pinch sharp points on both ends, which are more like sweet potatoes. If you want to make the surface color close to sweet potato skins, you can use beetroot juice and noodles, and then use toothpicks to pierce holes and the like.

Sugar-free Potato Buns Sweet Potato Mantou recipe

3. The 10 potato buns are all kneaded. Remember to sprinkle flour underneath to avoid sticking.

Sugar-free Potato Buns Sweet Potato Mantou recipe

4. Put it in the pot, cover and wake up for 20 minutes (in summer), then you can boil water on high heat, and then steam for 12 minutes (adjusted according to the thickness of the skin). After steaming, turn off the heat and simmer for 3 minutes before opening the lid.

Sugar-free Potato Buns Sweet Potato Mantou recipe

5. Then you can feast on it. Make 10 at a time. If you don’t eat it right away, you can put it in the freezer for several weeks without any problem. When the time comes, you can take it out and steam it in water or in the microwave.
It’s good for breakfast or dinner~ Medium-GI sweet potatoes and high-GI flours or low-GI, more nutritious whole-wheat flour can help maintain blood sugar stability and less stimulation of insulin. It is a good choice for fat reduction and shaping. .
It tastes soft and waxy, with a touch of sweetness.

Sugar-free Potato Buns Sweet Potato Mantou recipe


Generally, for girls, 20~25g of flour can be used for a potato bun. If you like coconut, you can also put some.
For ordinary boys, 30g flour is used for a potato bun (the version I made is 30g flour).

Those who like purple potatoes or potatoes can be replaced with corresponding ingredients, but purple potatoes and potatoes are relatively dry. You can add a small amount of milk and use a food processor to process it. It will not choke to death.

Because there is no sweetener, no salt and oil, the dogs at home can also eat it, um, I will eat it for the two little guys today~~


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