Summer Cucumber and Pear Juice

Summer Cucumber and Pear Juice

by Nutritionist Yiye Gourmet

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Spring has passed, and the hot summer has followed closely. The sultry climate can cause people to lose appetite, sleep poorly, fatigue, fatigue, stomach discomfort and other symptoms, and they are also prone to intestinal diseases.
The diet is mainly light, and eat less greasy food. Don't be greedy for raw and cold food because of the hot weather. Cold drinks and iced fruits should not be eaten too much. A large amount of cold food will cause sudden contraction of gastrointestinal blood vessels, causing gastrointestinal dysfunction, gastrointestinal cramps, abdominal pain, diarrhea, digestion and absorption disorders.
Summer is the season for melons to be made. The melons have high water content and are rich in minerals and vitamins, which can effectively supplement the large amount of water lost in summer.
Bitter gourd, cucumber, winter gourd, loofah, etc. are all very suitable. Cucumber was chosen as a recipe ingredient today. It has the effects of promoting body fluids and quenching thirst, clearing heat and diuresis, and eating raw has the effects of lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, and whitening skin.
The production method is also very simple. It is hot and you decide not to fire. A cucumber and a pear are added directly to the juice, and you can drink it elegantly!
It contains not only dietary fiber, but also a variety of nutrients. The key to moisturizing, beauty, and detoxification is low calories, and there is no need to open the fire. Use this cup for dinner!


Summer Cucumber and Pear Juice

1. 1. After washing the cucumbers and pears, rub the epidermis with salt for a while, or wash with edible baking soda, and then rinse. You can omit this step if you are sure to buy pesticide-free products, or peel them directly, but the nutritional products will be reduced, but the peeled taste will be better.

Summer Cucumber and Pear Juice recipe

2. 2. Cut the ingredients into small pieces.

Summer Cucumber and Pear Juice recipe

3. 3. Put it into the food processor, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, or honey to beat together, and make it more delicate and taste better.

Summer Cucumber and Pear Juice recipe


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