Super Cotton Black Tea Toast

Super Cotton Black Tea Toast

by Follow the fish

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I didn’t make toast for a long time. I just took advantage of the kneading stall and threw a few handfuls of dough to relieve the staleness in my heart. This toast was tampered with on its own. Because there is no Earl Grey tea, ordinary black tea bags are used instead. The middle species is soft and soft.


Super Cotton Black Tea Toast

1. Put warm water into the bread bucket, put the yeast; stir evenly; put the high flour; put in a container and place at room temperature to grow to about 4 times the size

Super Cotton Black Tea Toast recipe

2. Cut the tea bag, put the black tea into the cup, add milk powder; pour boiling water, stir evenly with a spoon, let cool for later use

Super Cotton Black Tea Toast recipe

3. Pour water and black tea powder into the bread bucket together, add fine sugar, salt, high powder and dry yeast; start the bread machine and mix slightly; divide the middle seed into small pieces and knead it into a smooth dough

Super Cotton Black Tea Toast recipe

4. Add butter and continue to knead; knead to the fully extended stage; take it out and divide into 6 parts, cover with plastic wrap and relax at room temperature for half an hour

Super Cotton Black Tea Toast recipe

5. Take out the loosened dough and vent it out, then roll it into an oval shape; after turning it over, fold inward 1/3 on both sides; roll out the dough with a rolling pin, and thin the bottom edge; roll it up and down into a roll

Super Cotton Black Tea Toast recipe

6. Roll all the dough; put the rolled dough into the toast mold, and put it in a warm and moist place for final fermentation;

Super Cotton Black Tea Toast recipe

7. Finally, ferment to 8 minutes full, put into the oven preheated at 180℃, lower layer, fire up and down, for about 40 minutes, cover with tin foil after coloring; buckle and release the side after baking, let cool and seal for storage

Super Cotton Black Tea Toast recipe


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