I have been eating vegetarian food recently. Stir-fried "three silks" is more commonly used, one is a combination, and the nutrition of the three ingredients is relatively balanced. You can fill your stomach with tofu, which is very good.







by Brother Xin's mother (from Tencent.)

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How to make it (Susansi)

1. Wash all the ingredients and cut into shreds for later use.
Susansi recipe
2. The first thing to be cooked is the fragrant tofu shreds. Stir-fry garlic cloves and it with oil.
Susansi recipe
3. Then add leeks and carrot shreds.
Susansi recipe
4. Reduce half a bowl of water starch and stir-fry in a pot over high heat. After frying, start the pan, the water starch does not need to collect the juice too much.
Susansi recipe

If you don't want to use a lot of fat for fried vegetarian food, it is very good to thin the gorgon with water starch. Water starch can lock the nutrition of vegetables, it is not easy to lose, and the taste is very smooth.


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