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The sushi I made today is the easiest one. The vegetables are cucumbers. Because my daughter doesn’t like the taste of big roots, I didn’t put them. The daughter’s favorite meat floss was placed. The little guy also participated in the production. Very happy parent-child interaction activities. what.



1. Let’s make a pot of delicious rice first, clean the rice,

Sushi recipe

2. Add an appropriate amount of water to steam, then let cool,

Sushi recipe

3. Clean the cucumber and cut it into even long strips. Don’t cut too thick, too thick and not delicate enough.

Sushi recipe

4. Spread the seaweed flat on the sushi curtain, and then spread the right amount of rice on it. Don’t make the rice too hot. If it’s too hot, it will soften the seaweed underneath. It will not taste good. Don’t have too little rice, or it will roll up. It will be too thin, unsightly, and not delicious. Thousand island sauce is squeezed on top of the rice. Of course, this sauce can also be chosen according to your own taste. Sushi vinegar is also good.

Sushi recipe

5. Put a cucumber strip on it, sprinkle the right amount of floss, and then you can unroll it. If you like ham or something, you can also put one. The roll should be tighter when it is rolled, otherwise it will be easier to open when it is cut. You can cut it into slices with a knife and taste it. Finally, I added a little fish sauce on top and it tasted pretty good.

Sushi recipe

6. Good rice is produced from good ecology, and hard grains select high-quality polished rice

Sushi recipe


The ingredients for the sushi can be very random, and you can roll it according to your own preferences. Tighten the roll, otherwise it will loosen when cut.


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