Sushi 🍣 Smecta

Sushi 🍣 Smecta

by Mrs. Xiang

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Sushi 🍣 Smecta

1. Prepare the ingredients shown in the picture for later use, simmer the salmon with cooking wine and cook for later use.

Sushi 🍣 Smecta recipe

2. The prawns are cooked and the chicken pieces are fried for later use.

Sushi 🍣 Smecta recipe

3. Cut egg skins, carrots, ham, and cucumber strips for later use (fresh cucumber and pickled melon strips can be used, depending on personal taste)

Sushi 🍣 Smecta recipe

4. After the rice is steamed, add appropriate amount of sesame oil, salt, sugar, sesame seeds, and Daxi beef powder, stir to loosen the flavor, and let it dry until set aside.

Sushi 🍣 Smecta recipe

5. Made with sushi bamboo curtain rolls as shown in the picture, you can add some if you like to eat pork floss.

Sushi 🍣 Smecta recipe

6. Cut off the head and tail with a knife, evenly cut into small pieces, and enjoy it with full of happiness.

Sushi 🍣 Smecta recipe


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